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How Do I Ship My Boat Or Yacht?

Allied Auto Transport ships all types of watercraft, offering five-star coast to coast boat shipping services. Our network of global carriers deliver boats (and yachts) internationally, along the US coasts and within the country.

We ship via special yacht carriers equipped to lift heavy vessels onto the transporter. We provide the most viable solutions available to ship your boat, trailer or yacht using our worldwide network of agents and partners.

Our reliable, efficient and affordable boat shipping services include transportation to and from all major ocean ports in the United States to destinations worldwide. We provide customers with worry-free transport solutions as we oversee every stage of the move, including transportation to shipping ports, preparation for shipping and helping you navigate the process of international documentation and customs clearance.

We know you want a boat shipping company that will deliver your yacht, boat and/or trailer quickly and safely so that is always our primary goal. Our customers refer us to their family and friends because we have the experience and equipment necessary to handle a variety of marine vessels. We ship boats to Hawaii and Alaska, Canada, Mexico and other coasts across the globe, working with DOT, permit agencies, boat yards, ports and marinas.

Planning To Ship My Boat or Yacht

Preparing your boat for shipping does require planning and careful attention to detail on your part. Companies that ship boats typically do not prepare the boats for transport so proper preparation of your yacht or boat for shipping is something you should take seriously. We will ship your boat exactly as it is received so here are some things to consider:

Have the boat ready to Quick Quoteload.

The carrier has a schedule to meet when picking up and dropping off so please have your boat ready to load when they arrive. 

Pick up times initially begin with a specific day until the carrier has a better idea of their ability to reach their destination. Many factors can affect their arrival including traffic, weather, construction, and the hours of operation for marinas for loading and offloading. In all fairness, please take into account there are variables out of every carrier’s control that ultimately effect pickup, transport or delivery.

Choosing the right marina for your boat transport.

When you select a marina for your boat, please make sure they can help you prepare the boat for shipping. They need the required equipment necessary to load and offload your boat. They also need a service bay for disassembly and reassembly of your watercraft. It’s also a good idea to confirm the facility has the appropriate overhead clearance required to move your boat or yacht safely in and out.

Measuring your boat for shipping.

When you request a quote from Allied to ship your boat, it’s important to provide the dimensions of your vessel. Of course, to receive the most accurate price possible, you want to follow these guidelines for measurement:

  • Overall Length: Include all bow pulpits, swim platforms, outboard motor brackets, outboard motors themselves, including the length of the motors or out drives in the raised position. If it’s being transported on a boat trailer, include dimensions from the tip of the tongue to the end of the motor.
  • Overall Height: The maximum height of many overpasses is 13 feet 6 inches. Many over-sized yachts require special low riding trailers called low boys. Boats with an overall height greater than 13.6’ loaded on the trailer require special handling and routing. It is critical to measure from the bottom of the keel to the highest non-removable part of the boat.
  • Overall Beam (Width): The beam of your boat is the measured as the widest point of the boat including anything attached to the boat. Boats wider than 8 feet 6 inches are regarded as oversize permitted loads and require state permits. 

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