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    Allied Auto Transport Shipping Terms and Conditions.

    These “Terms and Conditions” describe the mutual benefits and duties of the Shipper (Customer) who owns the “Vehicle” shipped and/or his/her or their agent ordered transport and with “Allied Auto Transport” Broker. Herein Shipper refers to the customer and Broker herein refers to Allied Auto transport or also AAT. “Carrier” refers to herein as the Independent owner operator or commercial carrier with valid commercial liability and cargo insurance.

    By placing an order with Allied Auto Transport (AAT), Shipper (Customer) hereby agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions herein. Shipper agrees that he/she is the registered legal owner of the Vehicle(s) and or authorized agent of Shipper and assigned by shipper to act in full on their behalf. AAT shall ship the subject Vehicle(s) from Origin to Destination pursuant to the vehicle relocation order or booking form provided to shipper by AAT. All fees for the transport of specified vehicle(s) will be secured by credit card or debit card or advance payment via certified funds and transport cost will be charged to the customer the day the vehicle is scheduled to be picked up. COD (Cash on Delivery) payments at delivery will not be accepted unless prior authorization is given by the dispatch manager in writing or unless Shipper or its agent establishes a billing privilege with AAT.

    Allied may, in its sole discretion, subcontract its obligations for transport hereunder. In such an event, subcontractors shall be solely responsible for ALL obligations to the Shipper. In event a subcontractor breaches a covenant of the contract or causes damages to the Vehicle during transport, pick up or delivery, Shipper shall file ALL claims with the subcontractor identified on the Bill of Lading and hereby releases AAT from any and ALL claims arising out of or related to any action or inactions of the subcontractor.

    Shipper authorizes Allied Auto Transport, its subcontractors, agents and employees to drive, park, store or otherwise operate or transport the Vehicle(s) in any manner necessary to fulfill the obligations under this Agreement. Shipper shall maintain insurance on the Vehicle(s) that shall extend to Allied’s operation of the Vehicle.

    Shipper shall prepare the vehicle for transport by removing all personal property and effects and securing all batteries, loose parts, fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, antennas and other similar items. AAT is shipping only the subject Vehicle(s) and is prohibited by Federal Laws and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines, forbids shipping any personal property with specified vehicle(s). Shipper must remove ALL Items from the Vehicle prior to transportation. AAT and/or all subcontractors of AAT ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE, AND RELEASED OF ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY PERSONAL EFFECTS LEFT IN THE VEHICLE FOR TRANSPORT DURING ITS TRANSPORT.

    Shipper and AAT agents will inspect Vehicle(s) at Origin to notate any major defects on the vehicle(s) being transported. Report of the overall condition of the vehicle(s) is not to completely describe every defect. Minor defects as from normal use and wear and tear and and pre-existing damages are not considered Transport Related Damage. Allied WILL NOT be responsible for any damage caused to WINDSHIELDS or other glass in an opened transport nor any rock damages. Any claims for transport related damages must be reported at the time of delivery ON THE Bill Of Lading, and a written claim for transport damage must be made within 2 days of delivery. Shipper agrees that in the event of any damages regarding truck delivery, Interstate Commerce Commission regulations require that all outstanding freight charges be paid without deductions. ALL Damages must be properly noted in the presence of the driver and the balance due to be paid in full by cash or certified funds. Shipper hereby agrees to waive any and all rights to litigation, as provided by title 9 of the U.S. Code, The only proper venue is Lewes, DE 19958.

    ALL Pick up and Delivery Dates are ESTIMATES ONLY. AAT does not agree to or commit to transport the Vehicle(s) in a time frame for any particular date or event and will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any delay. NO PICK UP AND DELIVERY DATES OR TIMES ARE GUARANTEED.

    In no event shall AAT provide reimbursement for auto rentals resulting from delays for damage, accident, weather, mechanical, acts of God, War, Death, Accidents, Impounds or storage.

    AAT will not pay for or provide reimbursement for any forms of alternate transportation such as but not limited to Ubers, Lyft’s, Taxis, Limousine, Airline ticket changes, Car rentals, Bus tickets, Metro passes, or other excessive transportation charges the customer may incur due to delays in pick up or delivery of specified vehicle(s).

    Shipper may cancel their order at any time. However if order is cancelled within 48hrs of booking there will be a $150.00 USD early cancellation fee. Further if Order is cancelled after a carrier has been established there will be a $250.00 USD Cancellation/Dry run fee.

    INOP (Inoperable) vehicles by no fault of carrier or AAT shipper will incur a $200.00 USD INOP charge regardless when vehicle went to INOP status.

    Suggested language for an arbitration clause in a contract:

    You and we agree to submit any dispute arising under this agreement, except a dispute alleging criminal violations, to arbitration in accordance with the Uniform Rules for Binding Arbitration of the Business Consumer Alliance (published online at in effect at the time of initiation of arbitration. A volunteer arbitrator will render a decision based upon fairness, not necessarily upon legal principles, but it will be final and binding on both of us. Judgment on the decision may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. You will not have to pay anything for the arbitration.

    This Agreement to Arbitrate affects important legal rights. Neither of us will be able to go to court for disputes once we agree in advance to arbitrate. And neither of us will be committed by the terms of this agreement to arbitrate unless this clause is initialed or unless your signature on this contract as a whole immediately follows this clause.

    Further information about BCA arbitration may be obtained by calling Business Consumer Alliance in Colton at (909) 825-0490.

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