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    Shipping your dirt bike

    Preparing Your Dirt Bike for Transport 

    For the most part, dirt bikes and motorcycles are shipped in enclosed transports to provide security and damage protection. Every dirt bike we ship is protected with full coverage insurance all the way through to delivery. Just like our other vehicle shipping services, we do ship door-to-door in almost all instances, in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

    Preparing To Ship Your Dirt Bike

    Note any existing damage

    Check your dirt bike for any damage before shipping. It’s important to note any pre-existing scratches, chips, scrapes or dents, as well as any mechanical issues.

    If the dirt bike is not running or is inoperable, you have to disclose this information prior to booking. Inoperable dirt bikes will cost more to ship and you do not want a carrier to show up that is unable to load your vehicle because they needed additional equipment to load it on the truck. This will cost you more and potentially delay pickup and delivery of your dirt bike.

    Take pictures of your dirt bike before it’s loaded on the truck, including close ups of any damage that is already existing.

    Preparing for Pick UpQuick Quote

    The Bill of Lading

    When our carriers pick up your dirt bike, you will need to fill out a Bill of Lading. This is a form that documents the current condition (including pre-existing scratches, chips, scrapes and dents) upon pick up and serves as a point of reference when receiving your dirt bike delivery. You’ll want to sign and date both the delivery and pickup documents and note any changes in the condition of your dirt bike when you receive it. If there are any new damages, report them to the customer support team member that helped you book your transport.

    Secure loose items

    The transport carrier isn’t responsible for damages or loss to any accessories on your dirt bike. Please remove them prior to shipping your dirt bike.

    Give the Bike a Bath

    A thorough washing of your dirt bike will help you and your carrier see any pre-existing damages before transport. This helps expedite the pickup process. As a bonus, it’s always nice to receive a clean vehicle after it’s made it’s journey from start to finish.

    Quick Quote

    Give the Bike a Check-up

    Be sure to charge the battery, inflate the tires to recommended psi, put a quarter tank of gas in it and fix any fluid leaks prior to pick up.

    Remember, pickup and delivery time frames are based on many variables. They are estimates. Transporters can experience delays for a variety of reasons (bad weather, construction, mechanical breakdowns, federal travel regulations, bad traffic and customer delays on pickups scheduled prior to yours). If you know of any reason your carrier might be detained during your pickup or delivery, please let them know in advance.

    Typically, your carrier will call you between 2 to 24 hours prior to pickup. Prior to their communication, we will provide a window of time (based on their location and ETA) as a general estimate. It can stretch over several days depending on how far away the carrier is, how many stops they have before they reach you and if they are scheduled to be off the road because of federal driver regulations.

    If you have any other questions about how to ship your dirt bike, let us know. We’re glad to help and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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