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    Car Shipping Services for Dealers

    New Car Transport Services

    The internet has made it possible for dealerships to sell cars nationwide. However, if a customer isn’t willing to pick up the car themselves, you can always ship the vehicle to them. Our customer service team can give you a free, quick quote to transport that new car to your client’s doorstep.

    Our customer service will make you look like you have a team of pros working for you. The entire transport process will be expedited professionally and our team of carriers will move the vehicle from point to point without you lifting a finger. We transport high-end custom cars, collectibles and antique cars for collectors and dealers across the nation. Request your free quote today.

    Quick QuoteDealer to Dealer Auto Transport

    We serve over 630 auto dealers across the nation, so we know how to accommodate your needs. We understand dealer trades need to happen quickly so the car can be back on your lot as soon as possible. In most cases, we schedule the pickup and delivery times simultaneously to expedite the process. This speeds the process and gets your inventory back on the market ASAP.

    Car Dealer Pickup

    Our transporters are the most professional drivers in the industry. They will give you advanced notice of their arrival and keep you informed of any changes to their ETA. When our truck’s show up at your dealership, they will be professional and on time.

    Car Shipping Transit Time

    Our driver understands that your customer wants their new car right away, and he will do everything in his power to get the car delivered as fast as legally possible without damaging your vehicle. We do adhere to all safety guidelines and federal transport regulations.

    Auto Transport Delivery

    Our drivers will give your customers advance notice before delivery of their vehicle. They understand when they deliver your car to the customer they represent you and your dealership. We do not compromise on quality.

    Safe & Secure Transport Services

    Your vehicle will be transport by the best drivers in the industry. We move high dollar cars for many dealerships across the nation, so you can rest assured our experience and reputation are to your benefit.

    We are Affordable & Priced Right

    Quick QuoteWe understand the many moving parts of the transport industry. We know what it costs and we won’t come back to you requesting more money because of a failure to include costs like other companies have. We stand by our quotes with no surprises. We have access to a vast network of carriers and know strategically the most effective and efficient manner to move your vehicle.

    Car Shipping Coverage and Protection

    Every driver is required to carry full coverage for all vehicles being transported on their carrier. While this insurance is rarely needed because every vehicle is protected with experienced drivers during transport.

    Trusted by Over 600 Car Dealers

    We have helped many dealers just like you transport their vehicles. We move their inventory safely and securely every day, providing a comprehensive solution to their vehicle shipping needs.

    With over 30 years in the car transport industry, we understand a car dealer’s unique shipping requirements and move vehicles from auctions, trade shows, dealer swaps and door-to-door for nationwide customer car delivery. We work with dealerships from coast to coast and have spent years refining a car shipping system that works.

    Each dealership is assigned a personal care representative that will handle each transport for you and answer any questions and handle any concerns you may have.

    Auto Auction Transport

    We transport cars for auto dealers from auction houses across the nation. We can move a full load down to a single vehicle to anywhere in the United States or Canada. Whether you’re moving cars to or from the auction, we will move your vehicles quickly and safely.


    Discounts for Full Loads

    Shipping a full load? We offer discounted rates when you move multiple vehicles at once. Whether it’s several cars or a truck load, our car shipping rates are reasonable and our team will pickup from the auction house and deliver directly to your lot.

    Most Asked Questions About Car Dealer Auto Transport

    We put this section together to try and give you the answers you’re looking for quick and easy.

    We do deliver and pickup from car shows and auctions, regardless of how many vehicles you have to ship. We can provide multiple carriers to multiple locations, deliver directly from the auction or car show or transport back to your dealership. Request a free quote today and our customer support team will help organize your transport.

    Yes! Simultaneous trades are not uncommon. We expedite the pickup and delivery process and work to move the vehicles efficiently, often completing pick up and delivery at the same time. Our dealership clients love us for this reason.


    Yes! We do request you lock it safely in the glove box of the car. Do NOT give it to the driver. The fewer people with hands on the title, the better for all. 


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