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    What Does it Cost to ship A Recreational Vehicle or RV?

    Recreational Vehicles can very greatly when it comes to shipping costs. Smaller RVs won’t cost as much, but still can cost more than it would to ship a van or truck; although, a class A Large RV can cost several times more to ship. One of the biggest determining factors of the cost is the size and weight of the your RV. Here are some of the most common types of RVs that we can ship:

    • Class A motorhome
    • Bus conversion
    • Diesel pusher
    • Class B motorhome (campervan)
    • Class B+ motorhome
    • Class C motorhome
    • Truck camper
    • Popup camper
    • Travel trailer
    • Teardrop trailer
    • Hybrid trailer
    • Fifth-wheel trailer
    • Park model (vacation/resort cottage)
    • Toterhome
    • Toy hauler

    How Much Is The Cost Of Shipping A RV?

    As you can see from our list, shipping an RV ranges from a small popup camper on the back of a truck to a 45-foot motorhome that may need to be driven. When figuring out the cost of shipping an RV, it’s helpful to know weight, length and width. Larger RVs will cost more to transport, but so too will a smaller RV that weigh a lot. The more your RV weighs the more it will cost.

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