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With over 30 years experience in the automobile shipping industry, you can count on the AAT team to deliver every time. Whether you’re shipping your car from coast to coast or another continent, transporting your car with Allied Auto Transport is fast, safe and reliable. Get your free quote now!

Open Carrier Auto Transport

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Open car shipping is by far the most popular method of auto transport. We can carry more cars at once, which can have a big impact on the cost of shipping your car compared to that of enclosed vehicle transporter. Plus, we have more open carriers on the road at any given time so pickup times are often more flexible regardless of your location. 

If you’re looking for the most economical option for shipping your car, truck, SUV or other vehicle, open carrier transport is the best option. Your car will be transported on a truck that holds more vehicles than an enclosed carrier, therefore the overall cost to move each vehicle is lower. Most people opt to ship their cars in an open carrier and save the extra money. The most common cars that are shipped enclosed are classic, collectible or antique cars and motorcycles. 

Enclosed Auto Transport

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Shipping your vehicle in an enclosed car carrier will give you the ultimate peace of mind. Selecting enclosed vehicle transport protects your vehicle from weather, rocks and theft. In most cases, enclosed auto carriers have more experience with high-end vehicles. The cost of shipping a car in an enclosed carrier can be twice as much as shipping in an open carrier so more people opt to ship their cars, trucks and SUVs on an open transporter. 

There are also fewer enclosed auto carriers on the road so this can affect speed of delivery and cost of the transport. The most common vehicles shipped in an enclosed carrier are classic, collectible or antique cars and motorcycles. 

Motorcycle Shipping

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If you’re looking to ship a motorcycle across the country, our safe & affordable shipping services are available in the US and Canada. We also offer international motorcycle shipping to help you ship your motorcycle anywhere in the world. We also ship ATVs and dirt bikes door-to-door to almost any location worldwide. Talk to our transport professionals for more information about shipping your motorcycle. 

Need to Ship a Vehicle to Hawaii?

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We know you want a company with the experience and know-how to ship your car to Hawaii properly. We do both at the right price and on time. 

International Vehicle Shipping

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We have a powerful network of car shipping carriers who are familiar with the international, federal and local regulations required to move your vehicle anywhere in the world. Call us for a quote on shipping your vehicle overseas or across the continent. When you need more than coast-to-coast shipping, Allied is your international shipping specialist. 

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