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    Most Asked Questions About Enclosed Auto Transport

    We put this section together to try and give you the answers you’re looking for quick and easy.

    Remove garage door openers, EZ-pass, Sun-pass etc. and if they are going with the vehicle wrap them in the protective covers provided or in aluminum foil. You do not want to pay for our tolls.

    Leave around a ¼ of a tank of gas in the vehicle.

    If the vehicle is going in an enclosed transporter, please clean or wash the vehicle prior to loading. The inspection is much easier if the vehicle is clean.

    Remove all of the following hazardous materials:

    Flammables (starter fluids etc.)
    Liquids (bottles of windshield fluids etc.)
    Explosives (no bullets or propane bottles etc.).

    Be sure all loose items are secured and will not move around, such as your spare tire.

    Be sure the vehicle starts, operates, and has functioning brakes including the emergency brake.

    Be sure the tires maintain air pressure (no slow leaks).

    Notice and inform us of any leaks the vehicle may have (oil leaks, water leaks etc.).

    Be sure the driver’s side window is operating (the truck driver needs to have it down to load the vehicle).

    No, carriers have insurance at no additional charge to you to cover your vehicle, but you need to carry your own coverage as well.

    The trucking company that picks up your vehicle pays the deductible if damage occurs.

    No, this is the responsibility of the person shipping the vehicle. We do not take responsibility for items placed or left in the vehicle. Any issues with those items or any damage they cause to the vehicle are the responsibility of the person shipping the vehicle.

    We make every attempt to pick up/deliver your vehicle at your desired location. When it is determined by our truck driver that he cannot get to your door and operate safely, he will find a safe location such as a parking lot or shopping mall close by.

    Safety always comes first. If the conditions are not safe the truck driver will need to make other arrangements with you. We will make every effort to deliver your vehicle as safely as possible.

    The trucks range from 48 to 86 feet long and typically require 60-120 feet of clear unobstructed area to load or unload your vehicle.

    Depending on the combination of the vehicles between 2 to 10 vehicles.

    Yes, they are protected from anything dropping, spilling, or leaking from the vehicle above. The vehicles are checked frequently to prevent any damage.

    We can accommodate inoperable vehicles. There is an additional fee for this service. For us to handle an “in-op” it must steer and roll at a minimum. You are responsible to get the “in-op” vehicle within 30 feet of the back of the truck and ready to be hooked onto by our winch and pulled into the trailer.

    Our model of operation is to identify one truck and have them assigned to your shipment the entire way. Only in rare instances do we involve more than one truck in the shipment for your car. Allied Auto Transport along with our truck drivers take pride in each shipment.

    Yes, but our way of doing business is to have a truck driver pick the vehicle up from you or a designated person at the location of origin and the same truck driver delivers it to you or the designated person at the destination.

    Yes, vehicles are being picked up and delivered almost every day primarily during daylight hours.

    Your schedule is considered for each step of our process:

    • The quote – we give you a range of days we are available to load and the approximate number of days it will take to ship your vehicle to the delivery location.
    • The order is placed – The range of days for the pickup of the vehicle is placed on the schedule and then the truck driver is assigned.
    • Truck driver assignment – The driver calls the customer and fine-tunes the pickup. He tries to take into account any issues you may have i.e. doctor’s appointments etc. He also provides his cell phone number in case you have any changes in plans, or just want to get an update of his progress.
    • Day of Pick-Up – Typically the truck driver provides a courtesy call when leaving the stop prior to yours, to let you know that they are still on schedule.
    • Vehicle is loaded – The truck driver calls the delivery contact to let them know the vehicle is loaded on the truck. He also gives the approximate timeframe (day or days) of delivery. He will also provide his cell phone number for follow-up communications. The communications for the delivery will follow the same process as the pickup with the truck driver. The actual appointment time will be coordinated, as we get closer to the delivery.

    Typically you have at least 24-hour notice of pickup and delivery appointments.

    We prefer to deliver and pickup during sunlight hours.
    We try to minimize impacts to your day and/or schedule.

    You will need to provide an alternative delivery designate. We try to avoid this by anticipating these concerns all the way back at the order placement phase of the process. We have been resourceful about alternative delivery designates such as:

    Co-employee at delivery location (work site).

    Dealership for your vehicle at delivery location (i.e. drop it off for service etc.).

    Meet you at the airport as you arrive, if our timing is close.

    Neighbor etc.

    They are the same thing.

    Please keep in mind that we pride ourselves on having an excellent communication record. We pride ourselves in our on time performance both in pickup and delivery. We have a concern for the value of your time.

    We believe communication is the key to our business. We strive to keep the customer informed throughout the process.

    • During the Quote – communication with Dispatch/ Sales office regular business hours EST with monitoring after hours and weekends.
    • Before the Shipment – either the truck driver or the office, will contact you as early as possible prior to pickup. We strive for more than 24-hour notice and we will provide you with our truck drivers cell phone numbers.
    • At Pickup – the truck driver will be in contact with you 24 hours prior to pick up via his cell phone coordinating with you.
    • During the move – you have the truck drivers cell phone to allow you to contact him directly throughout the move. The truck driver will also be in contact with you letting you know the vehicle is loaded and how he is progressing with your schedule.
    • Just before delivery – the driver will be in contact with you the day before and possibly when leaving the prior stop.
    • After Delivery – If required (you request or we are delivering to a designate) the truck driver will call and let you know the delivery has been made.
    • Booking follow-up to the shipment – Our office may follow-up with a quality control call to review your shipment.

    We secure vehicles using a soft-tie system of web straps that go “over” the tires not through the wheels. This is the same system used for all high-end new vehicles. We do not use chains to tie the vehicles down.

    Family owned business with direct involvement by the owner.

    Attentive to our customer’s needs

    Quality care of our customer’s vehicle

    Communication with our customer

    Integrity in our commitments

    Quality of our personnel

    Quality of our equipment

    Vehicle Size

    Pickup and delivery locations including mileage between them

    Season or time of year


    Availability of equipment

    Availability of space on the equipment

    Inoperable or winch fees if your vehicle doesn’t run and it was quoted as being an operational vehicle. Any additional charges for services that you agreed to and were provided after the quote was given.

    The title is not required when shipping domestic, but may possibly be needed on international shipping.

    State To State has authority to operate in all 50 States including Hawaii. We can also ship to Canada and anywhere in the world.

    Approximately 30 minutes of your time at origin and destination in order to perform a thorough vehicle inspection and the proper paperwork to be completed.

    No, the Truck driver needs to have access to all areas of the vehicle.

    No, your vehicle will be on a secured enclosed truck.

    Please advise the driver of the security system and its capabilities.

    We require 1 key needed to access all areas of the vehicle.

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