Cheapest Ways To Ship A Car To College

The Cheapest Way to Ship Your Car Open-carrier transportation, with a door-to-door service, is generally the most cost-effective method of vehicle shipment. Open carrier carriers can hold up to 10 cards at once, making open carrier transportation the easiest and most affordable way to transport a car. Open car carriers can carry 10 vehicles at […]

Don’t Drive A Car Across The Country – Save Money And Ship It

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make when moving across the country is whether you want to move your own vehicle yourself, or if you want to hire a moving company to do the moving for you. Many drivers do not have experience in moving cars, but it is important to know […]

Need To Ship My Car To Ucla

Submits a donation VSR or Vehicle Transfer Request with the Vehicle(s) Description to Fleet and Transportation Services, along with an estimated delivery date of the Vehicle(s) on campus at the University of California, Los Angeles. RESPONSIBILITY ACTION Authorizes a Department representative to contact Fleet & Transit regarding departmental needs for new and/or replacement vehicles (s), […]

Best Cars To Have For College

Do not worry a single bit, as we have handpicked the best cars to drive to back-to-school with students. From safety features that will ensure your belongings are safe during your drive, to cargo room that is big enough to fit it all, these are among the best cars for college students. Featuring everything from […]

Best Vehicle To Have For College

Choosing to own a vehicle is just the first step; choosing the right one that is perfect for your lifestyle, convenience, budget, and safety is the main part. If you decided to buy a car, then there are certain criteria you should take into consideration in order to make the most out of your purchase. […]

Shipping Your Sons Car To College

Once you have got your basics down, you will be confident in starting your college-shipping vehicle. Keep this a fun, worry-free moment by knowing what you need to know about shipping a car to college. Shipping your car to school ensures you will have a reliable mode of transportation for getting around campus. Luckily, our […]

Cheapest Ways To Ship A Car To Hawaii

It is the cheapest way to get your car shipped to Hawaii. But only if you live close to any major ports, such as Long Beach, CA, Oakland, CA, or Tacoma, WA. Shipping your car this way is surprisingly cheap, and it is the best way to go if you want to bring your vehicle […]

Best Way To Ship A Car To University Of California, Berkeley

There are some things to consider when moving your vehicle out of Berkeley and into another state. If you are moving a car from or to Berkeley, the biggest factor that will impact your costs is how far your vehicle will have to travel. A good online car moving calculator can provide a rough estimate […]

Top Car Shipping Brokers

Allied Share your experience working with this company that provides vehicle transportation solutions across the country. Allied requires no upfront payment for scheduled transportation services, and the vehicle moving company will cover the cost of a rental vehicle should your car be delayed for over 14 days. Allied’s service standards, lower-than-average prices, and locked-in rates […]

Need To Get My Car To University

Colleges and universities across the country are working on making it easier for students to leave their cars behind. Colleges can even require that students who are new students to their campuses to leave their cars at home, in order to encourage these students to remain on campus and be more engaged with campus life. […]