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    There are a lot of things to think about when choosing a car shipping company, which can include everything from pricing, safety, and availability, but the first step you will have to make when looking for the right company is deciding what kind of vehicle transportation services you want. A car transport company will determine the cost to move your vehicle depending on the size of the vehicle being transported, distance, the type of services required, and how soon you need the vehicle to arrive at the destination. Allied Auto Transport connects customers to a vast network of carriers, and the company’s Quote Calculator estimates costs based on routing information and carrier availability.

    These estimates are derived from the top two lowest-cost auto transportation companies, Allied Auto Transport, so prices for other auto transportation companies might be slightly higher. Some auto transportation costs estimates reflect the potential costs for using open-air auto transportation to move a working vehicle.

    In general, shipping one vehicle over a large distance costs $0.60/mile (on average). Enclosed shipments will be, on average, up to 80 percent more expensive to transport than an open-air auto carrier. Enclosed auto shipment costs are usually at least several hundred dollars more than open car transportation.

    Terminal-to-terminal transportation by open-air trucking is usually the cheaper option. The best way to reduce car transportation costs is by choosing open-air car transportation, keeping a flexible schedule of deliveries. Terminal-to-terminal transportation allows auto transportation companies to move whole loads from one location to the next, which reduces the total cost.

    It is far easier to save on auto transportation costs when you compare quotes from several providers, make your reservations in advance, and choose to ship via open-jaw transportation. The easiest way to find lower auto transportation costs, though, is by comparing instant quotes from several car moving companies side-by-side. Once you get a feel for what you could pay to have your vehicle shipped to your new home, the best thing to do is compare quotes from several providers.

    When dealing with car transporters who place your transportation on the bid-bidding system, you might see a bit of a swing from the initial quote to the final price. While the initial quotes for Allied Auto Transport are generally slightly higher than their competitors, the company promises you that you will not pay any more than the initial quote you received when moving the vehicle.

    Types of Car Shipping Services: The type of auto transportation service you choose will also impact your auto transportation costs, with single-car trailers and enclosed transportation both driving up prices. Depending on the auto transportation company you select, you might be able to select enclosed car transportation services with a particular configuration type (i.e., extra-long ramps, padded sides, lift-gates, hard sides, etc. You may want to send your car in an enclosed transportation service for whatever reason, though this is only a preference.

    One benefit of enclosed vehicle transportation services over open car transportation is the various ways that enclosed auto transportation trucks can load vehicles. Enclosed auto transport trucks typically only can transport several vehicles at once, which may increase the total vehicle shipment cost by as much as 50% over open car transportation costs.

    Choose which type of vehicle transportation truck you want Most car moving companies will allow you to choose between open and enclosed vehicle transportation. Unless you are moving a high-end luxury car or sports car that needs protection from the elements and poor weather, open car transport is a better transportation option. This type of car transport should only be chosen if your vehicle is extremely expensive, customized, or if you are moving a car that is in motorsports. Shipping will be an option for protecting these vehicles. There are expedited transportation options which will raise your rates.

    If you want to have your vehicle or another vehicle picked up within a shorter period and/or have it delivered quickly, then costs will rise. These costs will increase with an expedited delivery because a dispatcher may need to adjust his schedule or make last-minute adjustments to his plans. Just like in the airline industry, if fuel prices suddenly go down, and travelers are used to paying a certain amount, carriers hold on to these rates for as long as possible. The COVID-19 problem has led to increased prices because of many of the safety precautions drivers must follow, and the addition of mandatory isolation. If you need enclosed/covered transportation, that is going to raise how much an auto shipment will cost, from $90-$1.25 per mile. Pickup & Drop-off Locations-Depending where you want your car picked up from and dropped off at, that could increase price too.

    The downside would be higher rates. Expedited/Rush Shipping of a Car or Sedan would cost around $100.00 more than standard sedan rates for most SUVs, an increase of the regular rates with Expedited would come around $150 more than standard SUV rates. Trucks being shipped with Expedited could easily be about $200 more than normal truck rates. Costs of vehicles going to Hawaii, shipping going to Puerto Rico, and Alaska including ocean travel. Average Car Shipping Costs While the costs for auto transportation vary depending on many factors, you can expect auto transportation rates to range anywhere from around $500 for short interstate transportation to more than $1700 for intercontinental transportation. According to research by Automoblog, expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 to $2,200 to cross-country transport your vehicle. Note that the prices cited above are for vehicle transport services within the contiguous United States. A car shipped across the ocean to Hawaii typically costs $800-$ 1,350, and a vehicle transported between Alaska (Juneau), Washington, and Seattle costs about $1,300.

    The type and size of the vehicle being shipped (larger vehicles require more space on a carrier, which costs more) To help you figure out car transport costs, we gathered quotes from some of the top auto shipping companies in the United States, and provided an extensive breakdown on how to get your vehicle shipped like a pro. Choose terminal-to-terminal auto transportation services: Nearly every car transportation carrier will come get your vehicle from the current location and bring it to its final destination.

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