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    Allied is, incidentally, excited to give college students discounts on their car transportation at college. Get your FREE instant quote when you need to book car transportation services for college students.

    Remember, we are working for YOU, and our car transport services for college students will go anywhere that is safe and close to the agreed upon pick-up and drop-off locations. With a college student car transport, you will have your wheels back, rather than having to depend on another transportation service, and we will work with your schedule to ensure that getting your vehicle from dorm door to dorm is a fast, simple process. Professional drivers provide vehicle transportation services for your students belongings, just as many as you can pack into your vehicle. College Student Car Shipping allows you to keep your own vehicle rather than having to depend on rental car services, and Allied Transport Express makes getting your vehicle door-to-door fast and easy.

    Check out our Car Shipping Costs page to learn more about student car delivery. You will quickly see why Allied Transport Express auto transportation services are so convenient after traveling a great distance. Call our experienced car transport professionals for answers to all of your questions. Use Allied Transport Express Car Shipping Calculator to figure out your collegiate vehicle transportation costs.

    Whether you need to move a vehicle from Alabama to California, or from Florida to Washington, our car-shipping cost calculator will give you the cost-effective car-shipping rates in seconds. If you cannot find information on their websites, you can also call a vehicle transport company directly to ask for discounts for shipping a vehicle for students.

    In contrast to discounts offered for first-time shippers, some auto transportation companies will offer a discount if you are moving a car with them a second or third time. Many auto transport companies will offer discounts during the summer and fall months if you are a student taking your vehicle to college. Even if they are not explicitly advertising a student discount, many car transportation companies will give it to you if you are a student.

    Many car transportation companies will provide student-specific discounts, so you can probably stretch your budget and get your vehicle shipped for a lower price if you select one of these companies. If you operate a taxi service or another business that wants to send out a fleet of cars, you might be able to get a discount from your car-shipping company to ship them in bulk.

    It is also worth keeping in mind that the cost per vehicle miles transported goes down the further away you send the vehicle. Shipping your car involves a lot of stops along the way, which is why carriers are limited to how many miles they will go daily. Major cities are likely to be part of a carriers normal routes, so they will have an easier time assigning your car to the outbound shipment and getting it there on time.

    If your college is actually pretty far away from your house, perhaps even across the country, this distance will play into how long your vehicle takes to ship. Even if your university-bound college-bound cohort is leaving for a college that is only 300-500 miles away, a students vehicle transport service can make sure that his or her vehicle arrives in one piece. The safest, most sensible move for college students is shipping the car cross-country, and then flying it into their school. Most college students choose to keep the vehicle once they get there, as at home, you have your family and friends who will help out, whereas maybe you are going somewhere completely new that you do not know much about, and you are not going to know how to navigate around without the vehicle.

    The whole college process is stressful enough as it is, so let professionals at Ship A Car, Inc. get your child’s vehicle on campus so you can concentrate on everything else. Keep this exciting, stress-free moment in mind by knowing what you need to know about shipping a vehicle to college. Make sure to begin your car-shipping process early enough so that you do not become frustrated way too early in the college years.

    There are many companies out there promising to get your vehicle on campus in 1-7 days. It is safer to ship your car instead of driving it cross-country to your college, regardless of if it is a compact car, luxury sedan, or even large truck. We provide a convenient solution for making this happen, whether you need your car shipped to your nearest college in your state, or to a college across the country.

    Your car transportation to college is, essentially, one of the best services that Allied offers, because it is convenient, convenient, and such an easy experience arriving at a college with your car waiting for you there for you to go about town. Now, if you are just moving from town to town in order to relocate to a new college residence, we would suggest either an expedited car move-in truck transport service or a short-distance auto shipping. You are in luck, as open-carrier auto transportation is very affordable and stress-free of transportation methods.

    Students can opt for any one of the transport methods offered by Allied Auto Transport depending on their budget, requirements, timeline, and other factors which are taken into account when choosing the transportation method. If a student has a great experience with a car transportation company, they are far more likely to use it in the future, for example, after graduation or between high school graduation years.

    Professional drivers: College Student Transportation Services may also be scheduled directly with our friendly Transportation Advisors, via telephone, email, or Live Chat. For a precise quote on transporting your vehicle to or from college, you can chat online or call.

    Once you receive the vehicle, compare the vehicle with a video that you took of it being picked up by a College Student Auto Transport Company to verify that it is in the same condition.

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